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I am getting ready to try agency work. I used to say that it was unsafe due to the nurse being unfamiliar with the facility. But I feel if the nurse is comfortable with her/his skills than go for... Read More

  1. by   dave777

    a lot of student nurses fail to find work so an agency might be oyur opnly hope (see link above)
  2. by   juliebean4u
    I have done agency nursing for about 10 years now. Sometimes full-time, sometimes only here and there. I have met so many wonderful people and had some of the best experiences of my career as a result of this. My nursing experience includes everything from acute psych to research nursing, wellness and flu clinics in tiny little communities and big cities, to setting up discount clinics in a church basement for the elderly. My self-confidence has flowered immensely, I am more outgoing than I ever could have dreamed, and as a result of my assignments in so many different areas, I have been able to keep a pretty steady clientele of private duty patients!!! Yes, there are lean times when it comes to getting hours, but it's worth it to me for all the advantages. Give it a try!! Best of luck!!!
  3. by   tencat
    Thanks for answering my questions!