Anyone know how a hydrocele is repaired?

  1. The explaination given to me was that a needle is used to withdraw the fluid, then a solution is injected that basically gives the "fix a flat" situation where it seals off the area causing the leakage. The fix a flat explaination had me on the floor laughing . Anyhow, since this is not my area of nursing was just wondering if it's that simle, how long would someone be off work that had this done and is it really a big deal? Would appreciate input. Thanks! Duckie Also, after the initial needle is injected to numb, is there much pain involved?
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    I watched one in my surgery rotation, but it wasn't as simple as that. Maybe this guy just had more problems, but it was quite lengthy (1 1/2 hr).

    I can't give you any details as I didn't get to see much.
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    This site was somewhat helpful but the person in question is nearly 50, not a baby, as described here. I wonder if it gets more complicated with aging or the process stays pretty much the same? Duckie
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    I had a look at this site, it is indeed vague.
    I'm sure there may be many ways to correct a hydrocele. I can share how I've seen it done.
    The technical name for the procedure is a Hydrocelectomy.
    A small incision is made in the scrotum. The outer sac covering the testicle is incised; the hydrocele and it's sac is dissected out/ removed. Often the sac breaks creating a very wet field. The testicluar sac is closed, and the skin if the scrotum is closed. Occasionally a drain may be placed to prevent undo pressure in the scrotum in the initial 24-48 hrs. Patients are more comfortable wearing a scrotal support for a few days. Ice is helpful for pain/swelling. Keeping off one's feet for the first day lessens pain and swelling, too. (Think of it as elevating the affected area)
    I hope this helps.
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    Thanks for your input, someone close to me is facing this and I am concerned. Was just trying to do research to see what to expect. Thanks!!!