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I have been just a bit on the, umm, ANGRY side for the past 2 days...recieved my annual evaluation and although it was not "bad", it was not all that good either...the "raise" I got would barely buy... Read More

  1. by   Going80INA55
    You have desribed one of the biggest problems with nursing. Being UNDERVALUED.
    They expect us to work like dogs and then give us the equivalent of a pack of gum as our reward, while the CEOs get rich. I have seen more people quit after their yearly evals....when will they figuare it out.

    Or have they? I used to be a manager, but not in nursing. The district manager me would tell me to treat people like crap (which I would not I got canned) when it came close to eval time, because they did not want to have to give them raises. He felt it was cheaper to keep hiring and retraining than to have a group of people with higher salaries.
  2. by   passing thru
    Try agency ! Your local agencies can put you right back in your current position after a 6 month wait at a lots more $$ ! No more crap or evaluations...the agency works for you!
    It takes some newbies a while to realize that.
    You tell the agency when you want to work and where. No evals.

    Did you ask your mgr how she came up with her eval? Your performance eval is usually given to her by a co-worker on your shift....she gives them a form and they fill it out......

    Good luck...take off a couple months for a well deserved rest and vacation...
  3. by   JBudd
    Gotta love that union, our contract says you can't be questioned about why you call in sick, and you can only get counseled if they see a pattern (like calling in sick every Monday for MN football )

    As for evaluations, mine are always terrific. I get handed the form, I fill it out, everybody signs it.:kiss