Anyone familar with Glucophage for PCOS?

  1. I was wondering if anyone was familar with Glucophage being used for PCOS. (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Did help with the weight gain and the unwanted facial hair. Also did it help establish more regular menstrual periods. I have a friend who has PCOS and I am trying to get information for her. I have searched some on the Web, but I thought I would see if anyone here had any experience with Glucophage. Thanks....
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    Refer your friend to It's a website for women who suffer from PCOS and they have a discussion board very similar to this one! I, too have PCOS and yes they do use glucophage to treat it. I am not currently using it but may have to in the future if I want to conceive. Good Luck! Kelly
  5. by   mom2rosebudbaby
    I read a magazine article in Woman's World where two women were given Glucophage (metformin) for PCOS and they were able to conceive and have a baby. One of the women miscarried the first time but the next time she conceived the doctor gave her Progesterone to help her carry the baby to term.

    Also at the website they have a message board dedicated to PCOS and the infertility treatments for it. I hope this helps.
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    Newbie Question?
    Why would glucophage be indicated for PCOS? I completely missed something here.
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    PCOS causes hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance, I believe.... Check the other thread and the websites... they tell more.
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    You're right ShandyLynnRN. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS which is what is causing my infertility. Waiting for labs to return to determine whether glucophage or Avandia will be prescribed. Should hear something by the end of the week.
    Had a friend who conceived while on Avandia and Clomid during her second month of trying (after 5 years of trying on her own!). She took progesterone injections during the pregnancy. Her daughter is now 9 months old and a doll. I'm praying for the same successful results!!
    ps: the soulcysters site is wonderful!!! Full of so much info and advice and support. Strongly recommend!
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    I having living breathing proof that glucophage works. I had 7 miscarriages before even being diagnosed with PCOS. It regulated my cycles, helped lose weight and get pregnant. I did not have any abnormal hair growth as most do. I got pregnant about 3 months after starting glucophage and did the progesterone after conceiving. I have a healthy 3 year old now. The off part of that is, I was so fertile and believed the myth that if your nursing you won't get pregnant, I got pregnant again when my baby was 3 months old. That baby came early. So now my kids are 7 months 1 days and 7 hours apart. She came 4 months early.


    BTW. I lost so much weight that I gave birth weighing less, then when I conceived. Good luck!