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Hi everyone, I am new to this website and board. I have a big dilemma that I need some feedback on. I moved down south last July to take a nursing job in an Open Heart/Surgical ICU. I had 4 years... Read More

  1. by   petulip in Alabama
    Dear Friend,
    As a former Yankee myself(I am steeped in the South for 20 years now) I can understand how the challenges and changes of being new to the South can have you turned upside addition I'd like to say to you---
    Wow !! a few things struck me as I read are dealing with a new house(CONGRATS!),a new area,a new job, 2 children who need extra TLC as they adjust,plus trying to connect and make new friends...well, on a stress scale, you are off the charts !!
    The Nurse you described is something all Critical Care Nurses deal with at one time or have met the "I know what I am doing and you don't,nah nah" there is one in every unit. I have been in critical care 7 years now and I have also had the pleasure of dealing with this one. What you come to realize is that after you get your sea legs...and trust me you look at that nurse and realize everyone else around you is on to her as well. What does her actions of watching you drown and then saying you couldn't handle it say to those around her??? Do you really think that makes people think highly of her?? Think again. They probably have a red light going off in thier heads --she'll do this to me too. they will also be less inclined to help her out in the future too. The Manager sounds like she is too much part of the "IN" group to discipline..she should have reprimanded her for not being a team player. May I also say that in the first 6 months of this new job, you will cry,question why you are a nurse,and learn all kinds of new stress you navigate CCU.But one day, the tears and frustration cease, and you go along and have a day where you have conquered the beast of the unknown..and realize you will be okay. You have survived the hazing the older nurses are now doing. And you will laugh at the nurse who made you so stressed you changed weekends. This is a period of intense learning...revel in it. And leave work at work. Learn your new city and customs. Take time out each day for just you. Play some Kenny G, take a bubble bath, learn yoga. laugh out loud. Each nurse should take care of themselves FIRST before they take such good care of others. You sound like a sweet,caring nurse who really is sincere. YOU WILL BE FINE...just follow your heart and your instinct. Choose your new friends in the unit carefully, avoid the gossip and politics. Help everyone who needs it. And is good. Best wishes,and I hope to see a followup to your dilemma in six months!!!!!!