Anyone care to help with questions...?

  1. Hi all - a rough question list for the newest in my ICU FAQ file series has been put together - this time the topic is blood: transfusion, typing, bleeding scenarios e.g. upper and lower GI, TIPS's, emergencies, reactions, components - you get the idea. This time I'm asking the wider community for their take on these things: anybody have tricks, tips, answers, or cool bits fo info to contribute to the work in progress? Trying to see how other folks do things. Full citations will be made (yeah, we'll put your name in, too!). I can email people the question list, or if the board doesn't mind I can post it here - runs to a couple of pages. (Ha! I realize this isn't everyone's idea of a great time, but we all have our quirks.) Next up: DKA, then maybe depression. Thanks in advance! Please remember, the project is strictly, and never for profit...
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    Mark, I've tried several different times to access your site and haven't been able to do so yet. What do I need to download it?
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    Me too. I get file not found.

    The url I was using is

    I see why now.

    The URL is now
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    Send me the Questions, I'll try to help