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the hunter group who is supposed o be a renound cosulting group for hospitals in trouble finished the evaluation of our sstem and made a bunch of suggestions, some i agree with, some i don't. has... Read More

  1. by   Brian
    I found this, it sounds like the company you are referring to:

    The Hunter Group

    Here are some quick search results I found:

    In Wake of UCSF Stanford Resignations:
    RNs Blast Decision to Hand Over Hospital to Hunter Group

    PDF doc:
    A Portrait of the Hunter Group
    By Charles Idelson
    California Nurses Association

    Here is the link that I used on google:

    Also, here is the revolution mag website and back issues links:

    Hope this helps.
  2. by   VickyRN
    thanks, brian, for the info. very eye-opening and disturbing:

    many have questioned the enormous fees paid to the hunter group, which range from the
    hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for short-term contracts. individual hunter
    group consultants demand fees of up to $3,750 a day.
    hunter consultants also tack on hefty charges for expenses, and have been excoriated for
    lavish expenses even as they are requiring everyone else to tighten their belts. at uc san
    diego, wake med, austin's brackenridge hospital, and antelope valley, ca., scandals
    erupted over hunter consultants' extravagant expenses or overcharges.
    ultimately, there is little evidence that the hunter group activities produce expansion of
    services or access to care, increased revenue, or long-term financial savings. the hunter
    group is most successful at generating short-term profits for itself.
    "hunter is not there, not do they have the expertise, to build a long-term survival plan," a
    top hospital executive who followed the hunter group at george washington university
    hospital and at detroit medical center, told the san francisco examiner. "if you retain
    anyone of that ilk, it reflects a failure on the part of the owner or the governing body to
    have done their job in the first place. you bring in the hunter group because you've
    pretty much abdicated your responsibility to your institution."7
    sad that this crap is still going on in health care. you would think they would finally learn, but common sense and decency are in such short supply among health care executives.
    what can we nurses do to put a stop to this????