Any Suggestions for Comfy Shoes? - page 4

I am a soon to be recent graduate (1 week and counting). I will be working in the OR at Children's hospital. I would like some suggestions on the best shoes to stand still for long periods of time.... Read More

  1. by   wearingmanyhats
    LOVE my Birkenstock clogs.... I have one pair that I have worn for about 3 yrs and they are finally being put aside to wear when I go camping (at the point where if it pours and they get soaked and fall apart I will not be too upset)

    They can be pricey, but I bought all (have at least 4 pairs) on sale and I think the most I spent was about $60.

    They are often on QVC, as well as several web sites... do a google search.

    FYI -- unless your feet are REALLY WIDE, order the narrow width

  2. by   shoes
    European Sole sell Birkenstocks too!