Any stories of Gait belt saves?

  1. HI all!

    I working with an organization trying to get some "buy in" on consistent use of gait belts. It is a senior day center with great staff and great ratios. The staff don't all come from hospital or LTC backgrounds so use of gait belts is inconsistent.

    I am trying to convince the staff who think the current level of practice (inconsistent use) is fine that gait belts really do make a difference. I have my two stories of assisted falls but they are not really dramatic and because they took place in a hospital are discounted by some.

    Does anyone have any stories they would share (anonymously of course) about gait belt saves? I appreciate it.
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  3. by   amoLucia
    Have you tried reaching out to the PT/OT staff of some local hosp or LTC/NH for GUEST participation? They just might like the community outreach/goodwill. And since THEY are usually super experienced and STRONG proponents of pt safety and THEIR OWN, I can't think of any better resource.

    Kudos to you for trying to provide positive education for the staff.
  4. by   Charge200J
    I work in a large CVICU. The first time we get a patient up on their own feet we often use a gait belt to help with stabilization. It's a great safety tool. One day we got a pt up on his feet. Pt felt fine. Next moment pt VFib arrested. Used the gait belt to help lower pt safely to the ground. Sometimes you can't anticipate the unexpected, but you can use safety tools to protect yourself and your pt.