Any other immigrant nursing students here?

  1. Hey all

    I would like to hear from people who have recently immigrated to the US and are currently in nursing school/ taking pre-requisits. I have started CC a month ago and so far have not come accross any problems as far as the language/comprehension is concerned (I am even the only one in my English class with an A ). I am worried about medical terminology, some terms I have never heard of in my own language. I am hoping my HS Latin to help a bit. I have no medical background whatsoever (except Discovery Health and ER) :chuckle How did you overcome problems of this nature? Was it hard to study all that matter in English? Thanks for any response
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  3. by   suzanne4
    There is a book called Chabner's Language of Medicine. It is available on and will help you tremendously with the terminology.

    I actually use it as a textbook for my students, and they love it.............

    Good luck in school...............
  4. by   nursestudentin05
    Thank you, seems great. I will be buying it soon.