Any Nurses out there involved in education?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm just starting my pre-req's. for nursing school in a few weeks but I was wondering if anyone out there is a nurse and is involved in patient education. I'm not neccessarily interested in Nurses who work in schools instructing student nurses but nurses that instruct patients or the general public in health education, diseases, care, etc. As an example, maybe someone that instructs diabetics on what diabetes is and how to manage it or someone that might educate soon to be or new mothers on nutrition, child care and development, etc.

    I believe this is a career path I would like to take eventually and was hoping that some of you out there do this in your jobs either full time or part time. If you could tell me a little about what you do and your career path and any other information you feel would be helpful I would appreciate it. I don't know that much about this area of nursing but am eager to learn.

    Thank you,
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  3. by   Agnus
    You are a gal after my own heart.
    I'm not there now. I'm a new nurse myself. but I think I would like to move in that direction. By the way part of every nurse's job discription is patient teaching.
    I started whil I was in school volunteering to take BP at my local senior center. I just called up and offered. I did it every friday. people would ask me questions about BP and other health concerns and I got to do a lot of teaching.
    I am thinking about going back and offering to teach a class or two. you know things they can do to stay heathy type stuff. We also have a new baby center where expectant moms up to 1 year after the baby is born can get services and learn things. I might teach there too. Schools (kids) are also a great place to teach. We have a nurse in a neighboring town who has a practice doing diabetic education. (she has a contract with the county or state to teach low income people and gov pays the fee)
    I'm rejoining Toastmasters this month because I want to get prepared to teach groups. You could teach at heath fairs do seminars, new age gathereings (these folks are VERY interested in preventive medicine healthy living and self care), etc.
    As I said I'm not htere yet but these are some of the ways that I am preparing. You'll get opportunity to do some presentations in fron of groups [even if it's only teaching (or pretending they are patients that you are teaching) your fellow students] in nursing school.
  4. by   KatWright
    I hope that you recieve TONS of replys !!!!!!!!!!
    I teach all the time. I work (as a staff nurse) on a busy Oncology unit. I teach my patients, thier families, (and my peers whenever I find new info) about thier meds, treatment plans, tests, disease, labs, anything and everything. I encourage questions. I encourage the patients or the family to keep a journal so that taey can keep tract of everything, write down their questions and leave space for the answer, which doctor saw them, what he said, who is their nurse that day, what teast were done.
    That way when their family comes in or calls, they will have all of the answers. The patients love it!!!
    I also have volunteered at health fairs and teach there too.
    I take advantage of EVERY opportunity to teach, keeping in mind that there are many ways to teach and many ways to learn.
    I will finish my masters in 3 semesters and plan to go on for a teaching certificate. The local college offers a certificate if you have a BSN or MSN. I want the MSN (advanced practice oncology) first.
    Good luck and GOd bless you for thinking about the education part of nursing!!!
  5. by   Q.
    Hello there,

    I am a clinic RN in a multi-speciality ambulatory care setting (full time - I also work part time L&D) and I am a nurse educator for the clinic's Asthma Education Program on the side. The program is an informal, free class offered to our patients complete with handouts and even some freebies, like peak flow meters. This is strictly on a volunteer basis (for the educators) to teach the class. I signed up because I wanted the experience! I love teaching as well.

    I myself love that area of nursing and have since enrolled in an MSN program that has an education focus. With this degree, I can work in academia, staff development, or patient education. I am looking forward to all that I learn.

    Good luck with what you decide to do!