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Hi, I'm a Muslim and I am considering becoming a surgical tech. I wear hijab and I was wondering if there's any Muslims here who are surgical techs who I can ask some questions about how you wear... Read More

  1. by   ghillbert
    That's all well and good, but religion doesn't pay the rent or buy your groceries.
  2. by   MsAsia322
    .. and who is it that gives and takes away??
  3. by   ghillbert
    ... the landlord and the supermarket.
  4. by   muslimasd
    Your post is not mean, but a bit judgemental. It is the typical response I have heard when other sisters have removed their hijab. It is the response I have given myself when I see the same. And I now realize the response is a bit one sided when everyone has their own life experiences. It doesn't make me any less of a Muslim than a woman who does wear the hijab. And it isn't as simple as "what others think" that made me remove it. You say you would never remove your hijab, and I have said the same for many, many years now. I have lived in Muslim countries and travelled all around the world. But, at this time, after some quite difficult experiences I've gone through, going out in public where I am constantly treated as a second class citizen and get CONSTANT negative feedback because of the totally ignorant, devients who do things in the name of Islam, at this time I cannot handle it. There are very deep problems I am trying to work through and come out of. Inshallah I will be able to put it back on soon as I said.

    So perhaps, sister, it might be better received if you weren't judgemental about it and were a bit more supportive as a sister. Try to take into consideration where that person may be coming from and put things into context. God knows some day you may just feel the way I do because I never thought I would do this and there were many more before me who thought the same. To say you would neve sacrifice for this world..... no one WANTS to do so. But Allah tests us and you will be tested. And if it isn't the hijab, it will be something else. If we didn't have these tests, we wouldn't be stronger and allah al gafoor al raheem and he wants us to ask for forgiveness and learn and remember him.

    There are 2 Muslim girls in one of my classes and when I came to class one day without it, a sister who had never even said salam to me spoke to me so kindly. She said, I have noticed that you removed your hijab. And I thought that there must be alot of pressure for you to do something like that. And I told her it is far deeper than that. She said so kind and compassionately "It happens. Take your time and get through it and inshallah you will be stronger. We all go through different things in this life."
    What a nice example she was and at that moment I didn't feel so alone as I have absolutely NO ONE that is Muslim around me in my life, in my town at all.
  5. by   MsAsia322
    i got a smart alic on my hands i see, lol .. well then the next time your out of work (and hopefully not) lets see if you ask your landlord for a job or if you can be a cashier at the supermarket ..

    im not trying to prove faith to anyone here, lets get that straight. i am just identifying with someone that shares my religion and career of choice, and helping her to see another point of view. i cant tell whether or not you share the same faith, so im not going to go there .. but the next time u need something, dont call on God - call on people and see how far that takes you.. i would so love to hear that experience. (if youre someone that doesnt believe in anything, well then i guess we've hit a dead end ...) toodles!
  6. by   MsAsia322
    that above post was for ghillbert, not you muslimasd
  7. by   MsAsia322
    muslimasd - by no means did i mean to be judgemental. i didnt mean for you to think that i thought u were "less of a muslim" b/c your faith is in your heart and only He knows...

    also, IVE BEEN THERE.. right in your shoes. with my job and in my everyday life. where ive taken off hijab and lost myself a bit so to speak. not to say thats your situation, and as ive said i hear you 100%, because i was at that point as well. i would definitely be supportive of you in this, because it is hard. especially to live day to day life with people who think the worst of you and look at outisde appearances rather than the "real you".

    ive told sisters the same thing .. "just pray on it, just pray on it .. only He knows your intentions.." that sort of thing. and it is a struggle, however I did come to the point where i let allll of that go and realized the one thing that was working against me, and WE know what and who that is .. so I do have a stronger level of faith now to say that i will never do it again ... I just dont want you to feel like you should have to give up that part of you for something else. and like the sister in class said, "work through it ..." and ill add to that ".. pray on it"
  8. by   muslimasd
    Inshallah I will do. And your tone is completely different in this post, even admitting that you have done what you previously said you would never do. So you do realize that we are all on a journey and God willing we are all doing our best with it. It helps for others to be supportive and compassionate. I've been Muslim a very long time, lived in Muslim countries and even wore niaqab. I am not married, I do not have anyone around me who shares my belief or even remotely tries to understand me. My heart is heavy and I've got alot to work on after going through a very very difficult time, and I just need this time to regroup inshallah without getting even more negativity from the general public when I go outside. I don't feel good that I am not wearing it, but I know this is the right choice for me at this time until I am ready and strong enough to move on.
  9. by   MsAsia322
    ok.. so maybe i was a bit misunderstood in my first post and came off a little strong. looking back, i can see how you might've mistook my comment. but in the end of it all, i hope that you can overcome this situation
  10. by   mosalynn
    I'm a muslim nurse in labor/delivery. We also scrub. My manager doesn't allow me in the csection OR with my hijaab because the neck part shows and isn't 'clean' so I use one of two alternatives. Ones, i wear an alamirah hijab so i take it and put it so the long part is in the back and i just tie it in a knot in back. i make sure to wear a taller shirt under my scrub for that. or we have white hoods for the OR that a couple of our docs where. it goes on like a hijab and buttons in the back for a snug fit. covers just like a hijab! so i can just slip that ontop. Good luck sis!
  11. by   mosalynn
    Muslimasd, I used to go to my interviews without my hijaab, then once job secured, I wore it. My current job, i did wear it and they were concerned on how it was going to work in the OR etc, but i said it wouldn't be a problem. and it hasn't. i have to wear a hood back there or swing my hijab around and tie it, but.... at the start of my career, i was worried about not getting a job cuz of the area i lived in... and i needed a job, so i couldn't afford to apply with my hijaab and risk not getting it because of fear or because it was just easier to pick someone without the hijab..... now that i have more options, i'm more confident when i wear it and make them see that its not an obsticle and that my personality and experiences would actually be more beneficial to them. so far so good
  12. by   MzAmerykah
    For those such as Mosalynn, who didn't wear the hijab until the job was secured, how did you go about doing so? Did you show up on your first day with it on or did you talk to management about your plans to wear it?
  13. by   mosalynn
    Walaikum salaam, due to moving a bit, I have done a few things. I will go to interviews in a normal suit with make up and no hijab. So they get to meet me, not my religious preference. Then, once they offer me the job, the next time I go there, I wear the hijab like nothing happened. Most are too shy to say anything and by the time they feel comfortable asking, they have gotten to know me and it's not a big deal. What position are you applying for? What state?In the OR, I wear a two piece Amira hijab so I take off the top flip it around so it looks like a nun's and then twist and knot up then put my surgical cap on. OR you can leave the hijab and wear a surgical hood. My prob w that is if I need my stethoscope it's not the easiest to get to the ears....I know what I will do in the OR, so after locating the hood I need be, I don't need to ask the staff for help. Management doesn't say anything about why I didn't wear it at the interview. Just be comfortable if they ask how you are going in the OR. Know what you want to do and be confident about it. Then they will too. Yes, I do feel like I am deceiving them in the beginning, but after we get to know each other, it's done. And I have a job! If you are very outgoing and personable and confident from the start, you can try with hijab at the interview depending on where u live. I did wear it on my last interview. And during the peer part of the interview, I brought it up. I said in the past I have had questions on it, so I thought I would address it now, I flip it back to go in the OR, I don't wear ones that hang down. Etc. Any help?