Any info on pay scales...maryland vs. pennsylvania

  1. I am soon to be a RN (graduate in Dec of 09). And my family and I currently live in northwest PA. I constantly get pressure from my wifes family to take a job around her hometown just outside of Baltimore, MD. Just curious if anyone had thoughts on the pay differences of new graduates in the two areas...and if it came close to off setting the cost of living of the two areas....Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   imenid37
    I live in PA near the MD border. Many of my neighbours work in the metro Baltimore area. Their salaries in general are higher than those in York, Lancaster, Adams, and Franklin counties (above Hagerstown, MD) by a couple of dollars w/ much better diferentials. I am from Baltimore. The cost of living is high and so is the crime rate. The traffic is lousy too. I am outta there for good, forever and if I moved it would north of here above Harrisburg. Some Baltimore hospitals are good, some are awful. I have been out of the area for 12 years, so I don't have recent experience there. I went to school there and lived the first 32 years of my life there. I don't miss it at all. If you are a little further out in Harford, Carroll, or Frederick counties it is nicer, but still expensive. You could always live in Southern PA and commute to MD. Then you could save $ and get a little space between you and the family in laws, if you are willing to drive. Good luck. My daughter goes to college in NW PA with all of that lake effect snow!