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Just wondering how do you like or dislike your job.. pro's con's of dealing with the doctors etc.... Read More

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    I am a Director of CDI program in NY. I am available for on-line consulting to evaluate and improve processes in a CDI program. In addition, I am also doing an on-line training for clinical documentation specialists for 60 contact hours and a training for CDS that wishes to learn how to appeal DRG denials/downgrade/changes for 33 contact hours. Both programs are online and includes hands-on case studies. Anyone interested can email me at Thanx.
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    How does a nurse begin as a CDS? I have a broad clinical back ground, have worked in UM, Quality and now currently as a case manager.
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    Hi - I have been in the CDS role for 7+ months and really enjoy the position. I agree with the previous posters about the job's requirements, expectations, and frustrations.

    For those interested in getting into this field, check out the association's website (ACDIS) and/or look for local meetings in your area to attend/network. The CDS's that I know all have varying backgrounds (some very clinical while others have minimal clinical - some are LPN's while others have their MSN).

    Let me know if you have any questions about the role and I'll do my best to respond.
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    So can a nurse just obtain their CCS or is it a requirement that they complete an RHIA course?
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    "So can a nurse just obtain their CCS or is it a requirement that they complete an RHIA course? "

    You can earn the CCS credential without taking any AHIMA courses or becoming an RHIA/RHIT. The coding credential is a matter of having access to coding reference material and learning the coding process.

    For a CCA (entry level), I found it to be fairly easy, and I did it all through self-study. For CCS, it really takes some experience and deep knowledge of the AHA Coding Clinic articles.

    There are many threads on this forum site about coding, coding certifications (CCS, CPC, etc.), HIM credentials (RHIA,RHIT), etc.
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    I see thanks for the response.
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    Quote from OldNurse22
    How does a nurse begin as a CDS? I have a broad clinical back ground, have worked in UM, Quality and now currently as a case manager.

    We have a similar background. I developed the Case Management Program at my organization and was the director for 2 of our network for 10 years. In 2006, I was again asked to developed the CDI program. We were trained by an elite auditing firm but I found out that their model do not respond to out needs. I developed a model that is focused on meeting the ICD-9-CM coding reporting guidelines and coding clinics advisement.

    So to answer your question, there are training for CDS that you can avail. Check ACDIS or you can also check out coding classes. The key is to obtain knowledge/training based on what your organization needs because clinical review and coding have differences in focus.

    I am also involved in an agency that offers continuing education and training for CDIS to meet critical measures of clinical review and coding. I can be reach at if you have further question or have an interest in an online training with 60 contact hours credits.
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    Is there online programs for CDS? I am an RN, BSN, CPC.

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    I'm not sure if there are online CDI programs, but check out the ACDIS and AHIMA websites. They will have resources on there to point you in the right direction. ACDIS has a preparation book for the CCDS certification exam which may be helpful for you.
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    I am an LPN with 18 years exp the last 5 in QI. I know i'm eligible to take the exam but i'm not sure about employment. I'm not an RN or RHIT/HIT

    Feedback please
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    can LPNs become a CDS?
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    I just started in this role in November and agree with the critical thinking angle. It requires a lot of seeing the big picture of the patient. I look at everything written and make sure the diagnosis really matches what is happening with that patient. I don't consider myself a liaison for the coding department; however we do work together. At my hospital a BSN was required and also at least 5 years experience. So far I love my job. Some of the nurses on the floor took some time to accept the role. My position works directly with the physicians and so far it has gone smoothly although I have heard horror stories of those that won't answer our queries. We shall see! When I submit a DRG for the patient the coder is required to get back with me if they don't match what I put in and then we can talk it over. We also have a physician champion who is great. I highly recommend this role for anyone seeking a change in their position. It can be a hard position to get. The fail rate of the test you are required to pass is (I am told) at a 70% FAIL rate. It's a tough test but well worth taking to be able to interview for this position. I am under Case Management/Quality and no longer under nursing.