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Not the most "critical" topic, but what shoes/clogs/whatever have you found to be the most comfortable to wear on those long 12+ hr shifts? Thanks, Grace (whose feet are really starting to hurt)... Read More

  1. by   matchstickxx
    The comfort of the shoe really depends on your foot. I love my Dansko's and own 3 pairs of clogs and even one pair of their sandals. I know people who hate Dansko's. One nurse I know said she threw hers away after wearing them 1 shift. They do take a little getting used to walking in, but they are not like wearing high heels. They aren't wobbly at all.
    I know people who swear by their Crocs, but I don't like wearing them to work. They don't have any arch support and by the end of 12 hours, my feet start to hurt. I now wear them for yard work.
    As someone else suggested, give whatever shoes you get a trial run around the house before wearing them to work.
  2. by   babyktchr
    I won't wear anything else than Crocs. I bought an expensive pair of New Balance for my plantar fasciitis, and then discovered crocs. Within a month, my horrifying pain was GONE. They are lightweight and durable, and much less expensive than the other shoes out there. They have professional ones now that are enclosed, which are nice. Tons of colors and styles.
  3. by   medchick
    I wear a pair of Nike Shox. I have one for work and a pair for everyday. You can customize them at
  4. by   Ophelia78
    I started off nursing school wearing the Nursemates my school recommended. Big mistake. I have been wearing Danskos for three years now. I also wear athletic sandals around the house (Merrells) instead of slippers, on the advice of a podiatrist. The extra arch support from both shoes significantly reduced the constant "tired aching feet" symptoms.
  5. by   colorado ER RN
    I highly recommend Dansko's they are so comfortable, worth every penny. They are pretty much all i wear even on my days off. i did get a good deal on some on ebay, if you haven't worn them before go to the store and try them on for size and then look around online there are some good deals!!
  6. by   Transitioning
    I loved my Danskos. It did not take any time for me to get use to them, although they felt snug at the instep. I felt like I still had a lot of energy at the end of the day and my back felt great. I recommended them to others, and they report still loving them, however, sadly, I have not been able to wear mine anymore. They just did not loosen up at the instep and eventually I began loosing circulation in my toes.

    Next, I tried Nursemates. These did not compare to Danskos. My arches ached after just a few hours, etc.

    I now wear a level 3 tennis shoe sold by Easy Spirit, and I have absolutely no complaints. For me, they handle the 12 hr days nicely and then some.....
  7. by   SkateBetty
    After weeks, months of trying to break in Dansko's, and a year of them in the back of the closet I finally gave them away to a fan. They definitely are not for everybody. The soles are so hard, like cement! My feet hurt after a few hours each day. Merrell's also cured my heal pain, and now I have several pair for work and play. So very, very comfortable right out of the box, and I get through 13 hours without thinking about my feet once.
  8. by   Rocknurse
    Merrell Chameleon II Stretch's are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned period. I live in them and never get tired feet anymore.

  9. by   GeminiTwinRN
    Definitely danskos! All the way!

    I have several pairs. One exclusive pair for work, and two others for "play". Black oiled, black shiney, and a brand new pair of the corduvan color. I :heart: danskos!!
  10. by   66busdriver
    I had the same question. I went to DSW to look for some shoes then decided to call my brother in law who is a PT. He suggested going to a quality/reputable shoe store with people who know feet. Have them look at your feet and help you out. Danskos work for alot of people, running shoes work for alot of people...... There are twice as many feet as people you ask. I will be heading down to Runners roost to talk feet in the next couple of days. Remember, they fit feet for a job. Tell them what you are using them for.

  11. by   sunciray
    Birkenstock..expensive but comfortable and long-lasting...consider them a tax write off.
  12. by   RNsRWe
    My absolutely favorite all-time nursing shoes are from Wal-Mart (Tredsafe) and cost under $19.

    But I just tried to get another pair, and they are no longer available....they ARE available in black, but I want WHITE! Not a chance........I may CRY!!!!

    Now I have to find another pair that make 13 hour days easy on the body....and shell out some more $$, from what I'm seeing.

  13. by   Cindylufus
    I work on a busy telemetry floor and as a new grad, my feet hurt all the time. I was wearing just some white nikes that I had had during school. I switched to Nike running shoes and have had no pain for the last 5 months. Totally makes a difference....but everyone is different. I myself can't wear clogs...I just don't get good support. Gotta find the shoes that keep you moving!