Antidepresssants called unsafe for children

  1. antidepresssants called unsafe for childrenfour popular antidepressants being used to treat thousands of depressed american children are unsafe, ineffective or both, according to the first comprehensive scientific review to include all available studies, including negative data that have long been withheld from public scrutiny by the pharmaceutical industry.

    washington post, april 23, 2004
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  3. by   angelicaparki
    Wow! That would be interesting to look at. I work in a Psych hospital with adolescents. What age levels did this study consider children to be?
  4. by   lsyorke
    There is a thread going on the psychiatric nurses forum here on this! My son is a victim of Paxil. Two suicide attempts, anger,aggression, akasthisia. The information coming out on the unpublished clinical trials that showed increased suicide risk have now sparked a congressional investigation into the FDA's knowledge of these results. SSRI's have NEVER been approved for pediatric use!!!!!(in the UK Prozac is the only one approved) I'm one of the lucky ones, my son is alive and now off Paxil and doing extremely well.