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Why do nurses think that nursing salaries are so terrible? Around my metropolitian area, new nurses can start at 25-27 dollars an hour. That is at least $50,000 per year. Conversely, many of my... Read More

  1. by   vettech
    Originally posted by Liann
    I understand nurses being dissatisfied with pay, but at least you GET raises annually. I am a medical technologist (which requires a BS degree) and work in a major trauma center laboratory. We make around 12-16 dollars an hour, work all those shifts and holidays etc and are told that only the nurses get a raise or signing bonus because they are hard to find these days. I am responsible for the blood bank testing and also do all blood gas work. Is my job any less important than the nurse?

    By the way, our schools of Medical Technology are closing all over the country, so maybe we have a chance of being hard to replace too...I will be out of health care field by then. Hope someone invents a robot to do lab testing.
    I really symapthize with you. My strongest area in my veterinary career was in the lab. I took a job paying $2/hr less just to I could do lab 30 of my 40hrs/week. I spent my day running Gram's, setting up and reading mycology, fecal exams, manual CBCs with diffs (no machines are worth a damn for herp or avian blood), blood chemistries, etc.

    When I considerd leaving the veterinary profession, my first step was to look into your profession. Then I saw I'd have to get a 4yr degree to make, at best, a 30% raise. Thats riddiculous.
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    Originally posted by Hellllllo Nurse
    When I graduated with an AAS/RN in 2000, I was offered $14.00/hr at a large, for profit hospital in Phoenix, AZ. I already had 7 years experience as an LPN.
    Afew months ago, I moved to The Texas Panhandle area. New grads are being offered $14.-$15./ and hour. The cost of living is very high here.

    I recetly took a job as the Supervisor of Nursing (just under ADON) for $22./hr. HOWEVER, this huge for-profit corporation does not have any medical ins. available to nurses. Only the DON and administrator get and insurance.

    But, the working conditions, terrible morale, and the very abusive, incompetent 80 yr old medical director were to much for me I quit.
    The CNAs who have 40 hrs of training ar started at $10./hr at this facility.

    I recently applied for a job at a veterinary clinic, as a vet tech. The job pays $10./hr. I didn't get the job, but wanted a big change from what I have been through, and so was willing to take it.

    The job, market, cost of living, and what the market will bear vary from area to area.

    Of course nurses deserve tons of money for what we do and what we put up with. But, I don't give a crap about the money anymore. I just want to find a fullfilling job that I can feel good about, in an area/facility where I would not panic if someone I loved were going to be "cared" for there.
    $10/hr for a non-RVT is good money, esp for the TX Panhandle area. That is, as long as you will be working small animal only.

    I've been a tech since '93, RVT since '97. I work overnights doing critical care for a internal medicince/cardiology specialty and make $12/hr with 3-5% annual raises and a decent ($400-500) Xmas bonus but the other bennies suck. I'd estimate that only 10-15% of the techs in this area (RVT and non-registered) make as much or more than I, although I wouldn't be shocked if I was off a bit.
  3. by   MrsK1223
    BEfore I started nursing school everyone I knew around me thought nurses made real good money as they put it. My mother is an RN and I thought she made good money then I realized why we haven't seen her much in the last 20 yrs...she's always working. I'm an RN now (sometimes I wonder why) and I'm only make 13.50/hr and I can barely pay my rent and car payment...good thing I'm married. The highest paid nursing job around my area is about 19$ starting out in a federal prison. If I was going to make so little compared to the work I should have done my passion and become a free lance artisit.
  4. by   shrinkyrn
    I have been in nursing for almost 30 years. I make less actual pay now than I did 15 years ago. I live in rural PA. 15 years ago I lived in CA. the disparity in wage between CA. and anywhere else skews all the averages. I have worked in management, and it is true, as previously noted in posts here, that management puts in more time and makes less actual money than hourly workers-- I am not in management now. I have also worked for both union and non-union hospitals, here in Pa., in metropolitan areas, money is not significantly better. I have been in situations where I was compensated based on merit raises and told, "you have reached the top of our scale we can't give you any more raises". I drive 30+ miles to work here in rural Pa. and although I wish that I made more money I wouldn't want to move back to any metropolitan area. It's not any cheaper to live in a rural area, sometimes due to the lack of competition in commodity we actually pay more. and the gas to travel back and forth in the snow in 4 wheel drive is a killer in gas. After 30 years I still care! I wish I made more money, I am the primary wage earner, but with the healthcare cost skyrocketing (certainly not because WE make that much more) that's unlikely to happen. My work hours SUCK, I don't feel like I have a life except for nursing, I can't get the time I need or want off because "we don't have anyone to work that day" , but then again after all this time that is all I know---career change now?? doubtful. and do what??? especially in this economy. ---- I wouldn't encouage anyone to persue nursing but that doesn't make anything better-- When I was younger I thought I'd change the world too, Emerald --maybe you will and we will all be better for it--- God Bless You and Good Luck.