Anger problems during the NOC shift - page 2

Any of you nurses come to work just totally pissed off for no reason at all EVERYNIGHT? Just before my shift starts, I psyche myself up not to get pissed as soon as I get report, but 30 minutes... Read More

  1. by   chuck1234
    I know some of my co-workers working at night have "personality problems," and this is the reason why I try to stay away from working at are talking about having your biological clock reset...this might have an impact on your personality...only my educated scientific fact supporting my theory...good luck...and try to work in the day time...see if your "problem" will go away!
  2. by   Altra
    Quote from sister--*
    It sounds to me like there might be a control issue.....or lack of control.

    I know when I have to deal with too many of the "Mickey Mouse" things that make every task and care more time consuming and difficult I just feel my teeth start to grind.

    Short staffing, supplies stored a block away, not enough equipment, the wait between having orders written and receiving them on the floor, the wait for meds, staff telephone access blocked by huge cleaning carts, wet pt. floors (mop to air-dry), wet-floor signs blocking the entrance to pt. rooms, double and triple documentation of the same treatment/procedure, the constant noisy intrusion of the over-head paging system calling you to three different rooms simultaneously, the gravity of ALL your pt. assignments, pleasing a pt. family that has no clue (the warm blanket issue when the problem is an M.I.).......and so it goes.
    This is so true!

    We have this *must-be-flexible* mindset soo ingrained in us ... but at some point all the "little" BS piles up into a big mountain.

    It's healthy to have the ability to let the little stuff roll off you ... but everyone does (and should) have his/her limits. A feeling of total lack of control over your physical and/or situational environment is enough to make anyone short-tempered.