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  1. do you belong to the ana?
    why not?
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  4. by   nilepoc

    Because I belong to the AACN and don't feel like keeping two nursing association memberships.

    I also feel I have to belong to AACN, with my CCRN certification.

  5. by   -jt
    AACN is an associate of the ANA
  6. by   nilepoc
    So does it count as belonging to the ANA?
  7. by   -jt
    <So does it count as belonging to the ANA?>

    no. it counts as being associated with it which means the 2 organizations are on the same page & often work together. I belong to both - the AACN for critical care standards & practice issues & the ANA to help advance the profession.

    If we want to have a voice in making the national laws that govern us & affect our practice and working conditions, we need to stand together & be recognized - or somebody else other than RNs is going to be making those laws for us - without our input. The ANA does that work on the national level in DC & I belong to it to help support the effort because in the end, I will benefit from the effort - as we all do - case inpoint: the national needlestick prevention workplace safety laws that require healthcare facilities to provide safe needle devises to reduce needlestick injuries. That law never could have happened without the work that the ANA did to get it done. And the ANA couldnt have done the work without the members support.

    I notice youre in NM. Have you heard about the ANA's recent efforts on behalf of 6 NM RNs? It's also efforts like that which are the reason I am a member...... if you havent seen the story on the New Mexico RNs, you can get an overview of it at:

    Court Ruling Protects Nurse Whistleblowers
  8. by   -jt
    Do you belong to the ANA?
    Why not?

    Yes I do. And the reasons are here:

    What has ANA done for me