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  1. I need your opinions on membership in the ANA.
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  3. by   wildtime88
    Since you asked. If you are a nurse who works at the bedside, do you want to support an organization that believes you are easily replaced? An organization that is pushing for legislation that will take power away from nurses to affect change.


    Remember you do not directly join the ANA in most cases, the membership is part of your state nursing association membership unless that state has broken ties with the ANA.
  4. by   nightingale
    I would recomend you post this query in the Nursing Political Forum.... you will be sure to get an adequate response....

    I am joining myself... you can check this website and see the benefit list:

    I am bored intellectually and hope to gain some positive stimulation from my memebership. I also feel strongly that it is high time I started participating and not procrastinating in my nursing accomplishments.

    Dues may be taken out monthly (from your checking account) and average range is $ 15.00 to 25.00.

    I hope you decide to particpate and make a positive impact in nursing. B.