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  1. the general public do not have a good understanding of what we as nurses do on a daily basis.i just finished reading a very good book related to nursing by suzi franco rn. she wrote a short book of vignettes in prose and poetry to describe her experience over the last 20 yrs as a nurse .she went to nursing school at age 36 as a single mom of 6 kids.she has worked as a ed and icu nurse .the book has very real actual events .sometimes written graphically .but i think it shows a loving caring competent professional nurse.she talks not only of the pts situation but her as the nurse as well she is very open about her of the most poignant is a story about 1 of her daughters who was in atlanta and almost dies in an mva.daughter has serious injury and requires long hospitalization and rehab for was 86 pages and a quick read .she got me to cry a few times .just thaught someone else might like to read it .you can get it at ebay and amazon i think .:wink2:
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    What is the title? Sounds like a good read....
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    Google searching, I found

    "Angels With Stethoscopes: A Surprising, Compelling Journey Into The Heart And Work Of An RN" by Susi Franco


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