An AHA moment

  1. So,

    On my floor we have MANY blood glucose testers. I have seen folks go from machine to machine powering them up and trying to find one that does not need QC check. It takes quite awhile to find one.

    Then last night, I stayed late to finish charting and I observed the super experienced night nurse. She took all the machines, lined them all up and did QC on ALL of them. This took only a few more minutes than doing a QC check on one machine.

    I smiled at her and she smiled back. She said to me...."this is how it is done young one"

    I replied....Thank you

    So simple, yet so profound.......
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    It sounds like the super-experienced nurse has some common sense. Unfortunately, common sense is something that appears to be lost on many people in today's society to the point that they cannot efficiently do their jobs. Kudos to her for being a part of the solution instead of contributing to yet another problem.