An ADN Degree is NOT a "2 year" Degree - page 2

i've read yet another thread about the adn degree being "just a 2 year degree." i already have an as degree (with honors) and a ba degree. i know very well what the traditional "2 year" & "4 year"... Read More

  1. by   smk1
    our progam is a full year of prereqs fulltime and 2 full years for the actual nursing program so the soonest you can finish is 3 years of actual class time, sometimes will tak longer because of applcation dates and acceptance lag times etc... but the actual academic program is 3 full years.
  2. by   PMFB-RN
    The program I attended ( and is done in two years (I did it in one, really two 4 month semesters, as I was already an LPN) by many people. I would estimate that about half of my class already had many or all their pre/co-reqs when they entered the 4 semester nursing program. The other half (my estimate) did the whole program in two years. We had one girl who entered the program at age 16 thought a program that Wisconsin has for high school students and graduated as an ADN-RN at age 18, but she was an exception, very mature as she had practicaly raised 6 younger brothers and sisters by then.
    The hospital I work at hires several 20 year old new grads each year.