am I making too much of this?

  1. So I was supposed to be working friday.....other nurse and I were tied for last on call date. I should have been coming in. I got call because she HAD to be charge after 11pm because the team leader would be going home. I have no problem with that if I had NEVER been charge....but i've done it quite a few times. I don't think the floor staffs like this always. am I within my rights to say something?
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  3. by   canoehead
    Yes, you are right, you could have been charge, but let it slide, unless it happens again. During your evaluation ask how you can do better as charge, say you want to be one of her best charge nurses.

    If you don't jump on every slight you look like a great team player. A week from now you may ask the person who made the decision for her reasons, just for your own information. (NONTHREATENING and FRIENDLY!) If you are unhappy with her reasons you might just research policies R/T her decision, and then go to your NM and offer to rewrite them because they are "not very specific," or "ambiguous," and of course you want to help the facility.

    No matter what you do I can predict confidently that it wasn't about slighting you, they had some other factor in mind, and complaining probably won't help, but it will annoy someone, somewhere. Just let it slide...and remember, the sneakiest way through is around.
  4. by   bennettsmith
    remember, choose you battles.