Am I losing it?

  1. Hey my sisters and brothers in Allnurses Land!!!

    Ok, don't laugh but............................

    I'M LOSING MY MIND!!!!!!

    I planned on attending nursing school in January, but I can't remember ANYTHING!!!!!


    AND MY CHILDHOOD-omg! Was I even a toddler? I can't remember!!!!!!!


    But to be memory is shot! I can't keep anything in my long term memory.

    Is there anything on the market to help me? Prescription drugs?
    I can't go into nursing school with a short term memory bank!!!!
    I'll get kicked out before the 2nd class begins!!!!!

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  3. by   P_RN
    If you are serious, I guess your best bet is to see a doc for a checkup. There are many causes for "memory problems" from depression to MS to senility and back again.

    If this is hyperbole, then welcome to the club. I have to write everything down and then remind myself where I wrote it.

  4. by   researchrabbit
    Stress can be a factor in memory loss (during a particularly bad stretch I once put my purse in the freezer and then spent hours looking for it; my daughter found it and still hasn't let me forget that). That "word on the tip of your tongue" feeling can also be tied to stress in some folks.

    You probably shouldn't worry about things that aren't important (like what you wore yesterday -- my answer to that is "I've slept since then...").

    If you are having trouble remembering things like your own name, how to get home from the grocery store, or recognizing important people in your life, then you may have a neuro problem and should see a doc immediately...any recent head traumas?

    If it's day-to-day stuff, try meditation, exercise, good nutrition, laughter, sex... (and heck, if you wear the same thing two days in a row, what makes you think anyone will even notice? I couldn't tell you what I wore yesterday, much less what any of my coworkers wore...).
  5. by   Ted
    Could it possibly be the case of the nerves???

    When I'm nervous and quite anxious my memory seems to fail me. I need to relax (yea, right . . . easily said than done!).

    But relaxation can be a learned trait. Requires practice and maybe some outside guidance?!?!?

    Warm thoughts your way. You're most certainly not alone, though. . .