Already have BS in exercise science...Looking for best option - page 2

Hey all, I recently graduated with a BS in Exercise Science. I'm looking to become an RN right now. I'm looking for some ADN or ASN schools. With these programs I already have all the first... Read More

  1. by   vashtee
    The curriculum for just the nursing portion looks like a two year program.
  2. by   elkpark
    The term "two-year degree" for an Associate's nursing degree is a misnomer -- most of them (with a very few exceptions) take two years to complete just the nursing courses. Most people spend a year to two years completing the prereqs, then two years of nursing courses.

    Have you looked at the "Nursing Overview and Application" pdf document on the Ivy Tech site? On pg. 35, it details the curriculum and shows that the traditional ASN program nursing courses are completed over 4 semesters, after completing all the prereqs.
  3. by   Yobie
    thanks ill look over that