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I took the physical today, for my new CNA job and everything was wonderful, the nurse was excellent, but it was revealed that I am "green, red deficient" 2 pages of the color blind test booklet were... Read More

  1. by   Huganurse
    Ooooo, Now I know why you wear those black leather pants with the white shirt...Sorry mario, couldn't resist.

    I would think if you know about the possible problem with identification of certain tests or items you could just ask another nurse to verify your results. What's the big deal?? Just ask for a second opinion. I've done it with the hemocult slides and I'm not even color blind! Just make a minor accomodation for yourself to cope with the very minor deficit. Your intellegence in the matter is knowing about it and making the accomodation. It's like, not knowing the answer but being able to find or get the answer, makes you just as smart! Hugs.
  2. by   Zhakrin
    Ah, Mario,

    I have seen you use many photos of urself during the past months, but I have to ask about the one with long black hair. Is this you and are you wearing lipstick?

    If it is and your making a statement, then I have to say congrat on being so comfortable and brave about your sexuality.

    If I am wrong I am sorry and will delete this posting.

  3. by   mario_ragucci
    Zharkin - erm, my hair is not black. This picture is distorded, probably the worst to date.
    I plan to quit posting my face and "my one day with a digital camera."
    I changed my face avatar again.
    This is the only time in my life i could let me hair grow. I was an apartment manager, and knew they would fire me at any rate. It was fun to use those little clips, and I would notice I'd have to buy them from time to time.
    Also, my life IS a statement, caputured :-(
  4. by   mario_ragucci
    When I get my ID from work, I will scan my pic from that and quit. :-)
  5. by   Agnus
    I have worked with a number of nurses who had one or more color deficiencies. It has not been a problem. As far as test strips go I have not seen nurses use them in years. Except for some casual screening in an MD's office. Remember you are seldom alone and can always ask someone else if color distinction is important in a situation. It will not stop you in this profession.
  6. by   Huganurse
    Mario, I love all those pictures! I think you are so cute, and your posts tell me you are intellegent and kind to boot! If you are single, I would vote you most eligible bachelor on the BB! Please don't get boring with just one photo! Please??
  7. by   mario_ragucci
    I will quit changing my avatar. Thank you for the kind words. Nursing Bulletin Board :-)
    Besides, all nurses are married female, or have steady boyfriends forever amen
    originally posted by mario_ragucci
    i will quit changing my avatar. thank you for the kind words. nursing bulletin board :-)
    besides, all nurses are married female, or have steady boyfriends forever amen
    i so enjoy looking forward to your new've got such an funny sense of humor which a lot of us do appreciate. i hope you'll reconsider...don't let one person's inconsiderate comment make you feel any less for having the courage to display your image...the h*ll with them.

    besides, i'm one of those females whose single & haven't had a boyfriend in the last...let's see....7 years now do to working full time & being in the reserves as well as going back to school full time to obtain my bsn degree...i still plan to return for my msn & specialize as an anesthetist.

    mario, for people like me...who have no social life...continue to change your pics & i'll continue to be amused. - moe :kiss