All good things must come to an end

  1. Today, it's my official last day at my job in corporate america of 13 1/2 years. Been with a major telecommunications company since the age of 19. I am taking an extended non-pay leave of absence from my job to complete nursing school full time. My co-workers are great! They suprised me with a cake, ballons, and an "educational fund" of $300! They are also having lunch catered in today for me. I am just balling my eyes out! They also pinched in and brought me an African-American porcelain nurse figurine.

    My job is right across the street from the hospital where my program is located. I will still be able to come over and have lunch with my co-workers. Some of then are attending my welcome ceremony that my nursing program is having to welcome new students into the program. Am I doing the right thing? I'm so emotional right now! Somebody, anybody please help!
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  3. by   colleennurse
    I too worked for a telecom business for a long time before becoming a nurse! I continued to work while I went to school, and the whole time before I finished I thought I couldnt wait to leave to start my new career. Then the last week came and they threw me a party too, I balled my eyes out! If nursing is what you truly want, then you did the right thing. I sometimes miss my old job, especially the hours and the people but getting through nursing school with some of the obstacles that I had made me believe that it was meant to be for me. Good luck! Sounds like you made some great friends at your job and it is awesome that you will still be close enough to keep in touch, they will be rooting for you!
  4. by   RunningWithScissors
    Someday, you may remember fondly these "good old days", and wonder, "what was I thinking!!!"

    But, you've set yourself upon this path and it's time to follow it to its completion.

    You'll never know how you and the nursing profession mix until you get out there, so finish the program and good luck to you!

    This is a crossroads in life, it is only natural to have reservations on changing paths. It only makes you stronger!

    P.S. Can I have your old job?
  5. by   gitterbug
    Good luck in your new career. Cherish the memories and start making good ones in nursing.