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  1. I just signed up with an agency today, just per diem for some extra cash for Christmas.
    For those of you who work agency, is there anything I should know? Any advice? Thanks
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  3. by   debizrn
    Remember safety as you are on your own out there. Most hospitals will not back the agency Nurse.
  4. by   Haunted
    Be very nice, very pleasant. DO NOT EVER say "Oh This is how we usually do it at XYZ, we use this IV line at XYZ etc." You kinda get it, be really nice, really helpful and smile. Don't discuss your hourly rate no matter what.
  5. by   JohnBearPA
    A question near and dear to my heart, as I now do exclusively agency. here's the short list, and I'm sure others can add to it as we go along, LOL.

    1. Hit the floor running, you'll need to to survive the shift.
    2. Take a FULL report on all pt's assigned to you and ask questions
    3. As mentioned, NEVER say "but they do this another way at abc hosp."
    4. Keep on top of your skills, read articles, take continuing ed credits, and make sure you're the best nurse you can be.
    5. NEVER discuss your pay!
    6. Eat before you go to work, you might not get a break or lunch.
    7. Don't get involved with the petty politics you may find at your assignment. remember, you might not be asked back if you express very strong opinions.
    8. Be on time, dressed appropriately, with your name badge, and be polite.
    9. Be ready to learn, and remember where med rooms, clean and soiled utility rooms, shower rooms, etc are. carry a small notebook if you need to.
    10. SMILE! At the end of the shift, realize you were the best you could be that day, and leave on an "up" note!

    There's probably more, but these get me thru my day. I'm tired, probably forgot a few, but the other agency guys and girls can also contribute and paint a good picture of what to expect. Good luck, and just do the absolute best you can, and be proud to be a GOOD NURSE, agency or not!