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  1. Could use some advice please.
    My employer has "resourced" me to a day camp for the summer. The camp has children that I am familiar working with and some I have known all there lives. I've been a pedi nurse in my local community for over 13 years. Usually when I work with these kids I give them meds, do assessments, planning, treatments, and procedures. I always have a care plan and Docs orders, etc. Currently, that is not the case. My function for the day camp is first aid and health education. No care plans and no Dr. orders for me.
    Camp staff gives the meds. It took me two weeks to get access to the health and parent communication records. I didn't event know who was allergic to what. They also decide who to send to me or refer to me. I often miss seeing the head bump b/c the leaders didn't send them to me. I find out later from the kids who tell me about it. At that point I do an assessment, document it in my notes, and advise the leader to send home a note. I have given them a letter to use to warn parents about what to watch for but they won't use it for liability reasons. The notes I have attempted to send home are usually removed from the parent communication folders by camp directors. They get very nervous when I talk to parents that I already know.
    I have been unable to do very much education b/c they are on a busy schedule and can't seem to find the time to pencil me in or use me on the days I know are less busy.
    I've offered to do head checks but the kids never get sent.
    They are very concerned anytime I get involved with a situation apparently b/c I'm not an employee of the camp.
    I have identified problems with children where I felt I needed to have parental communication of my observations and make reccomendation that they f/u with their Dr. but was stopped b/c these functions are not allowed per camp policy according to the camp directors.
    Had a situation where I was called out to a child who was crying, mom at his side in tears, a camp supervisor offering to call 911. I assessed the kid and determined that he was not seriously injured, provided nursing care and instructions to see Dr. in a.m. if area was showing s/s of injury. I could tell the super was not happy. The kid was smiling in the car when I waved goodbye and so was mom. Far cry from the frantic, emotionally tense situation I came into. Kid was fine the next day running down the hall and laughing. Super was none too happy that I took over the situation and nixed the idea of calling 911.
    Similar situations have occured where I been deaccessed or not accessed at all for the childrens needs where the nurse should be making the judements over a non medical person. They are citing liability even though I introduce myself as an employee of my employer and not of the camps. I'm nervous about the whole deal. As a nurse, I feel I have certain obligations to these kids and thier families, as well as my professionalism and licensure. I am very frustrated that I am stallwarted anytime I try to be a nurse and make a professional nursing decision.
    My boss who is also a RN told me to go play a game with the kids and only do what they let me do b/c they are the ones who are responsible for the kids. I'm too close to these families and the kids to not feel responsible for things that are nursing related.
    Thanks for letting me vent.
    I'm in need of advice, ethically, morally, legally, and could use a little nursing sanity and freindship too Thanks.
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  3. by   P_RN
    I'd say they're taking advantage of you. I'd head for the hills, it's a scary situation all around.
  4. by   flowerchild
    Thank you P_RN for your reply. You are right, I am scared! I didn't think about being taken advantage of b/c I am so underutilized that I sit around with nothing to do most of the day and this is just not my nature. Can you elaborate on how they are taking advantage of me? I only have 2 more weeks then it's back to my old job that I'll certainly appreciate more than ever before.
  5. by   sjoe
    Why did they think they needed an RN for this job? Did they just want to spend the money? Are they trying to get you to quit your job? They don't need an RN here, and don't seem to want one.

    At least you'll know the story when next year's camping season rolls around, and can make your choice then about whether to "be resourced," or not.

    Meanwhile, if it were my situation, I'd use the time to get caught up on my tan and on my reading.
  6. by   P_RN
    OK as an RN you are held to the standards OF an RN. No matter what they sayif you are employed there as a nurse you are an RN. I hope nothing happens that they can throw back at you .