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  1. Hi all....I've been reading your posts and you are a great bunch of people! I have been working in ambulatory surgery for about 4 years now - after completing an OR internship program at a local hosp. My first job out of nursing school, however, was in the ICU. Here's my question - I am thinking of going back to the ICU so that I can "refresh" my skills. I currently work M to F, days only. No weekends, no call, no holidays. Am I crazy for wanting to go to ICU for rotating shifts, etc..??? What do you all think?

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  3. by   beckymcrn
    I do not think you are crazy. I worked in a hospital on a busy oncology unit for five of my six nursing years. This past year I have been in an out pt clinic M-F, weekends and holidays off. I thought I was crazy because I miss the hussle and bussle of inpt nursing.
    I think you have to do what you want to do; if you are physically capable of doing the work and you like it go for it.
  4. by   Pretzlgl
    Thanks Becky - I'm glad I'm not the only one who could miss hospital nursing!
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    Calling the shrinks...and getting the restraints ready for both Pretzlgl, AND beckymcrn,....:chuckle. Just kidding you guys...
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    OK, I guess I should say that I know my current job well - and it is getting stale. I am looking for a challenge.