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    I'm curious about anyone who has had experience being an advice nurse. I'm burned out on the floors. I love patient care, but running my a$$ off, writing BOOKs of documentation, missing meals & staying over is taking its toll. I feel like I need to make a change & stat.I literally dread going to work. If any of you have done advice nurse stints, please let me know what you felt were pros/cons. I have about 4 yrs med/tele experience, and past 8 months as charge nurse. I am planning to return to school in the spring, and am thinking about getting off the floors even before then. A pay cut would be ok, if the stress isn't as bad. I know I will miss patient care, but I can't take it any more. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  3. by   morghan
    Hi --> I don't really know what you mean by "advice nurse"...
    are you meaning a nurse consultant??? A new role that has been
    developed at our hospital is called the "Attending Nurse" it's a little like case management, a little UR , patient and family educator, etc. I don't know if that's kinda what you're thinking about... you say you are returning to school.... get your BSN, Master's ??? I bet you'll get lots of good advice and feedback with a little more info... maybe this helped i don't know , but I can certainly relate to the Burn Out issues you spoke of... insane case loads with terrible benefits and hours... my back finally literally gave out, and i too went back to school to, 3 years later I've got a dream job which I love

    weeeeellllllllll ... it's late for sure 'cause I am rambling
    good luck
    Morghan in Wichita, Kansas
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    are you talking TELEPHONE TRIAGE? not sure either what you are asking here. there IS a tele triage nursing area here if that is what you asking.....good luck!
  5. by   Genista
    Thanks for your comments - Morghan & Smiling blue eyes! (Morghan- I'm glad you found a job you love!) There is a large hospital nearby that has openings for advice RNs who take calls from pts and does telephone triage w/ use of computer prompts/program.I have tried different floors at the hospital, and all are over stressed. I actually LOVE my floor & coworkers are great (docs mostly great, too), but the workload is so unrealistic! I have had it with the floors and working to the bone. I am dead on my feet every day & just 31 yrs young. I have a BS in Nursing & am seriously considering getting my teaching credential ( 1 yr) & if I like that, maybe on to the MS degree. I am thinking of "advice nurse" jobs in the interim, as I need to pay my bills.
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  6. by   eltrip
    I happen to work in a call center. We are open 8-8, M-F. We provide health information (all sorts of questions), physician referral, telephone triage for adults (with computer prompts), maintain the database for a hospital membership program PLUS provide class registration for various seminars, health fairs, screenings, & prenatal classes.

    We are few in number, but very resourceful. It is usually interesting & challenging work. Some days it is as frustrating as heck. I've learned how to work with our software & play with the data to provide various departments with nearly anything they want to know about their event, participants, etc.

    I've been here for 2 years. Enjoy it tremendously. I also have time to spend with my DH (we're still newlyweds) & my daughter. She was my main motivation to take this position. She was nearly 3 when I started. She needed her mommy at home every night & not working night shift.

    Now I'm looking into getting my MSN in either Nursing Informatics or FNP. I know that I won't be here forever but I am enjoying it while I'm here. Best group of nurses I've had the privilege to work with in my career.

    All the best,