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  1. Hi all nurses. I started my nursing career at the age of 21. I started as an ICU nurse, I specialist in Critical care nursing then after 2 years I did Degree in Nursing. I was appointed as assistance NM after 6 years in nursing. I further specialist in Paediatric Nursing. I always loved bedside nursing. I always wanted to do the best care for my patient to road to recovery. I always stay back to help my collegues of my shift. Nursing has been part of my life , thought I am down with fever I will try my best to be part of my team . I hardly go on medical leave.
    Fortunately I was offer a Nurse Manager job in after 12 years in Nursing. It was a new unit which was open .I took it as a challenge and I carried on . I worked very hard . I always reach home late. I am married with 2 young children , who need a lot of my attention.
    First year goes on well as a lot to learn and manage people. At the same time I still always go to patient's bedside to teach my staff at times gets the chanes to care for patient. Those days I feel satisfied with my job as a bedside nurse but with NM job I feel that I have lost something along the way. After I finish my rounds with my staff and patient I have paper work ect. report writing, roaster, budget , audit......
    I job has no end to it. Everyday there is a pile of work to do.
    The last 3 months I am down and demotivated.I am under pressure .
    I have heard of burn out amoung nurses , now I can feel it.
    I am confused what to do now . Whether to resign and find another job or take it as challenge and face it ? Angels please advice me......

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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck. I moved your post out of the thread it was in, so you might get more feedback.
  4. by   GingerSue
    if you feel burned out, then perhaps you could arrange for a vacation
    while you then can think about your future

    if you want to change your job, then don't quit first - have something arranged first

    Is it possible to re-arrange your activities and paperwork so that it doesn't seem like so much at the end of the day?

    Or accept that this is part of the job?