Advice for my very first interview?

  1. Hey all

    I will be having my very first interview for a nursing position at the end of this week. I will be interviewing for a position at a children's hospital. I am a new graduate and have no hospital work experience.

    The interview is scheduled to be 45 minutes long.

    Anyone know what I should expect. I am quite nervous ... any words of advice?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Try to smile and show your enthusiasm. As a new grad, they'll understand that you aren't going to be able to whip out answers to all kinds of complex clinical problems, but you'll likely get hired if you come across as pleasant, professional, and a good fit on their team.
  4. by   Sassybottom
    Thanks EricEnfermero
  5. by   fgoff
    See if these sites can help:

    Best of Luck!
  6. by   chare
    you might visit these sites as well. i found these by doing a yahoo search for "nursing interview questions." although there were several pages listed, many of them seemed to be repetitive.

    as a new graduate i would concentrate more on the orientation and training and working environment questions than i would on the management style questions.

    i would also like to second the advice that eric gave you. try to relax during the interview. answer questions that you are asked honestly and sincerely. as a new graduate they don't expect you to be a clinical expert, they should be much more concerned with whether you will be a good fit within their team.

    i wish you the best of luck with your interview.