Adventitious breath sounds

  1. I will be graduating in May, and I am really having a hard time with descibing breath sounds. I have a really good stethescope and I can hear well, but I really don't know how to descibe the sounds I am hearing. If anybody has a good website that I can go to that has video clips, please let me know. Even if you have the name of some great videos that would really help. Any advise would help right now. Thanks!!
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    Here are two more, and the above site is great, by the way:

    Also, if you're REALLY serious about learning, there is a book and cassette tape combo at Amazon that is excellent:

    Good Luck!

    Ps. A great stethoscope is priceless. When you're new, it won't make THAT much of a difference until you learn to identify what you're hearing, but, for instance, the Littmann II has an acoustical rating of five, and one of their cardiology steth's has a rating of nine. A friend of mine works in the ER and just bought it (we both had the Littmann II) and it is AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING. I'm buying one as soon as I can. I work in NICU and you'd be amazed at what the MD's can pick up with theirs as opposed to what my little neonatal steth can hear, as far as intermittent murmurs, fine crackles, etc. I've been told by the nurses that we don't need to know what they are, but I think that's a ridiculous attitude. Honestly, the more we know, and the more capable we are (albeit through instruments), the more we can serve our patients. In this instance, you truly get what you pay for. ;>P
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    Great sites...thank you!!