ADN vs. BSN nurse

  1. Is there a difference in salary and responsibility between a nurse with an associates degree and a nurse with a bachelors degree?
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  3. by   tntrn
    Is there a difference in salary? Sometimes.

    Is there a difference in responsibility? Usually not.

    Which boils down to unequal pay for the same work, IF the BSN nurse gets more in salary. Same goes for this certification thing.

    Our contract negotiations begin soon. I am attending a bargaining team meeting today. I plan to voice my opinion about more pay for certification. It means nothing. Not that you did any better on your nursing board exams; not that you took a different board exam than anybody else; not that you're a better nurse; and certainly not that you are required to take on more responsibility.

  4. by   fergus51
    Here in BC, the pay is almost the same (BSN nurses get 50$ more per paycheque), but the duties can be different. For example a nurse without her BSN won't get hired to for public health or administrative positions because in that extra year of education you learn about these areas. If you know that you want to be a maternity nurse or an ER nurse or something, the BSN isn't that helpful. The only reason I'm taking my BSN is because I don't want any doors closed because I didn't get it. I have to disagree with the last post though. I think that certification is important for new nurses. Obviously experienced nurses shouldn't need to take any courses, but for a new grad they can be great.