1. I was just wondering how long it would take an ADN to to become a BSN. How many more years of school...
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  3. by   wsiab
    The school I graduated from offered a RN to BSN program. I think that takes about 14 months to complete (4 semesters full time including summers). The classes for the program were scheduled to allow for students to continue working while earning their BSN.

  4. by   lkushen
    I went on from my ADN to my BSN. It took me 4 semesters total. I opted for a part-time option, where you went one day a week and no summers. Was better for me with family. Overall calendar time was 2 years. It probably also depends on whether or not you have the prerequisistes required by the university offerring the bachelors degree. Check into several options before making your decision. By the way, the program I went to was an RN to BSN program, where they take your current work experience into consideration, and don't reteach the basics.
  5. by   TXERRN
    Three semesters, one day a week. Plus your pre-req's ahead of time. That's in Texas.
    Go for it. I graduate with my BSN in May. I got my ADN 3 years ago. It's so easy to go back!