1. In my current situation it works out better if I get my ADN. However, I know that a BSN will take you farther, so I want to get my BSN at a later date. What do you have to do to move to a BSN? Is there a specific program for that? Thank you. Your answers will help me in the future.
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  3. by   All_Smiles_RN
    Lots of RN to BSN programs. Usually just a few semesters. Many people choose this route, including myself. Good luck.
  4. by   Pompom
    There are a lot of RN to BSN programs both classroom and on line. You just need to investigate what is available in your area.
  5. by   blueyesue
    Thank you both.
  6. by   Tweety
    The ADN was my only option at the time. Currently I'm in an ADN to RN program taking the classes online. No big deal. Do what you have to do and it's easy to get later on. Good luck!
  7. by   blueyesue
    How many credits need to be completed to get your BSN? Thanks.