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  1. I'm a med-surg nurse and for the past 1.5 years I have been the admit/discharge RN for our hospital. I mainly work on the Med-surg floors but travel through the hospital starting admissions in the ER and Pacu before they are transferred to Med-Surg. For our hospital this is a new position. I wanted to get feedback from other Nurses about the roles and responsibilities of an Admit/Discharge nurse if you have experienced one on your floors/hospital? All the feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    It appears you have a navigator position. Your responsibility will be YOU make of it. What is your job description?
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    I was sometimes assigned the role of "admission nurse" as a regular staff nurse. The requirement was the admission, only ...history, med rec, initiate core measures, etc. I often did things that were not required, such as: admission assessment, wound photographs, call for admission orders, start IV fluids, etc.
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    I currently have created it but curious of what other hospitals do to see if there is things I can approve on, focus on more, etc. I currently do most of the admissions that come through on both our med surg floors. I complete the history, med rec, care plans, admission assessment. Assist with pt care when nurses are overwhelmed. I also assist with discharges but when admissions start to get crazy I don't assist with discharges as much. With discharges I get the discharge papers ready, schedule follow appointments, create education for pts, review med orders, complete the discharge section of the chart. Tidy everything up. The Primary Nurse then goes over the discharge with pt.