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The Registered Nurses at St Catherines of Siena Catholic Health Systems (CHS) on Long Island, NY have been on strike for 20 days because their employer refuses to address their serious concerns about... Read More

  1. by   RNed
    Exactly the point. I am not angry at the salaries these CEO's make, I am angry at the behaviors and the message they send to society and nurses.

    Their job is management. I expect them to manage for the benefit of the patient and not the benefit of the entity they represent.

    They use tax payor funds and tax breaks to built more walls, yet, they do not inform the public what is needed is more staff. I have not read an article where the CEO states we can built more, but the effort is wasted if we can not staff more. They continue to support programs which allow tax advantages for buildings, however, do not support needed increases in compensation for those that work inside those buildings. This is what angers me.

    In my orginal post, I said I do not believe a reduction of executive salaries would pass to nurses. This is not the productive fight. We need to place in the communities' mind the question of performance and remind them and tell them that the CEO and associated Vice-presidents are not performing to the communities standard.

    CEO's do not fear comments regarding salary because their is no issue related to salary in their respective contract. Shout. all we want - this is a dead issue. They can not be terminated or reprimanded for making more than nurses. However,

    In each executives' contract there is a clause related to perfomance. It is this that is the crucial element to compensation of pay and renewal of contract. This is the contract language that can put fear in an executive's mind and is what the Board can and does act upon.

    Change the performance standard of the community and the Hospital Board and you will change the performance of the CEO.

    Just food for thought !!
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  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi. Yes, I believe that it is important that capitalism be allowed to thrive but not be allowed to exploit and rob. I do feel outrage at the fact that exorbitant salary levels are paid to some executives when sometimes the intensity and quality of their work frequently doesn't match the intensity and quality of our work. I also believe that exorbitant sums of income paid to these individuals leads to inflated cost of living expenses for everyone. We are seeing more coming out of our pocket for health expenses and utilities. We know that maintenance of our homes and transportation costs more. It's very expensive to take care of a child. We know that costs for everything continues to skyrocket and our salaries are not keeping up. Typical salary increases of 3% are not enough to offset the rise in cost of living expenses and help improve personal investing and saving efforts. I agree that it may be very useful for the board to start enforcing contracts when it comes to an executive's performance. I'm not sure if that would help improve or stabilize staffing levels and pay significantly or not. No doubt consultants would not only draft stricter performance measures for the CEO but for the rest of the staff. That may mean that when the CEO's head rolled, mid and lower level staff heads would roll too. This may increase the level of turnover. What do you all think?
  4. by   LadyNASDAQ
    These Administrators are not paid by the hour and also, we don't know how to run a hospital. These people do and have gne to school for this.

    As Nurses we are on the time clock and make our money per hour. Some of us work o.t. and a second job, at times. We are paid on a different pay scale with a different cut of the pie.

    If I wanted to enjoy a day to day worry about being replaced, being out of a job for any reason by the Corp. and also, a loss of skills so that I could not work the bedside then Administration is for me.

    As a Nurse for about 23 years, I still want to be at the bedside where I save lives and continue to help people, I say the Traveling Nurse idea gives me the higher salary and it allows me a good living with a feeling of being able to sleep at night.

    Administration has many drawbacks and incredible pressue. I don't want to leave the bedside. I want to do what I am doing.
  5. by   -jt
    <As Nurses we are on the time clock and make our money per hour.>

    Nurses in my hospital do not punch a time clock. Neither does any other professional there. We dont have an hourly salary either. We have a yearly salary - based on education, shift, certifications and degrees.

    What other professionals are paid by the hour or punch a time clock? What other professionals would stand for it if they were told tomorrow that they had to?
  6. by   RNKitty
    I would hesitate to become salaried - only because the more you work (hourly wise) the less you make. I have seen salaried nurse managers run into the ground. Besides, how can you salary the per diems and part timers? How do you account for holidays worked vs holidays off? How about low census, or overtime worked? I still consider myself a professional, but my job is not M-F 9-5. I want compensation!
  7. by   grouchy

    What's the latest with the Long Island nurses? Has anyone actually clicked on the free link to that New York Times story I posted? Check it out! I read it again, and I stand by my original anti-administrator interpretation of it.

    P.S. I don't think hourly pay is an insult to my professional status. Hey, lawyers and psychiatrists bill hourly! I think working lots of unpaid overtime, like many of the homecare nurses and some of the nurse managers I know do, is the real insult to anyone's professional status. I wish we could bill a quarter of an hour for a "complex phone call" like many lawyers do.

  8. by   grouchy
    I meant to say salaried home care nurses and nurse managers...
  9. by   -jt
    From the husband of one of the nurses on strike at St Catherines (Long Island, NY):

    << Twas the night before New Years and all through St. Kates
    The scabs scratch their scabies, while the patients all wait.
    The IVs were hung by the beds without care
    In the hopes that St. Peter would not soon be there.

    The blue hairs were strapped down, all snug in their beds
    While visions of sanity danced in their heads.
    The scabs in their street clothes were taking a nap
    While the man in bed 7 just took a crap.

    When down on the street there arose such a clatter
    Jim Wilson went out to see what was the matter.
    He ran through the lobby, to the door in a flash,
    All the while scratching his own scabies rash.

    The moon shone brightly on the new fallen snow
    Giving a glow and a luster to the strikers below.
    And what to his wondering eyes did appear
    But a candle light vigil without any fear.

    With Michael and Barbara so lively and strong
    He knew all of his lying was so very wrong.
    He pondered a minute, whats next in the game,
    He shouted out loud and he called them by name.

    Now Kathy, now Peggy, now Mary, and Jane
    Please forgive me I know I have acted insane.
    The nurses look up, still not amused.
    Youre lying Jim Wilson, no thanks, we refuse!

    Away to his office, away in a huff,
    They think I am kidding, so now Ill get tough.
    Ill hire more scabs, its the money they love.
    Ill break the union with that last little shove.

    Jim thought about Margaret and said what a jerk.
    When this is all over shell be looking for work.
    Ive been promised a bonus for being a creep
    I think Ill go out and buy a new jeep.

    These nurses are stupid, to think that we care,
    When all CHS wants is the money from there.
    I have lied to the staff and the patients as well,
    For all of my lying I should rot in HELL.

    The CHS lawyer will not deal in good faith.
    He is the same lawyer who helped seal EHS fate.
    With his hands in his pants, he is insulting and rude.
    He screams like a madman, he rants and is crude.

    We have been at the table for nine months and counting.
    Theyve spent millions on scabs and the cost is still mounting.
    Theyll pay them their blood money, house and feed them as well.
    They change every few weeks because scabs start to smell.

    These scabs care nothing for patients, as the death toll will tell.
    The Suffolk D.A. wont believe the stories they sell.
    They can settle some lawsuits and try to cover the rest.
    CHS will understand now what they had was the best.

    NYSNAs nurses will not lie or mislead.
    When the hospital is quoted, its untruths that you read.
    Our apostolate is our faith in nursing, it is where we belong.
    It is compassion, justice, and integrity that make us all strong.

    We nurses are pushed to our limit; we are forced to the wall.
    We are lied to and cheated for no reason at all.
    It is greed that they live for, it is money they crave.
    We have taken high road for the patients we save.

    We want to return to our family of caring.
    We can see hope, we can feel all the sharing.
    We nurses go on, we are united and strong.
    Our eyes we see the truth, we see what is wrong.

    The candle light vigil so soft and so meek
    With nurses, united, pushed out on the street.
    They dont seem to get it, let the truth ring.
    Money is never the issue, respect is the thing.

    Away to the pickets, away to our friends
    We are in this together, our strength never ends.

    We are nurses of conscience, we know we are right.

    Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night! >>

    The nurses are out "for as long as it takes"
    For more updates see:
  10. by   wildtime88
    Jt, I have pretty much kept my mouth shut up until know about this topic. But this goes over the top.

    I do not care so much about how you feel about other nurses jumping in and taking away chances at the union getting more, because of them. Even though you condone the ANA and even support the legislation to bring in a mass amount of new nurses who will limit your bargaining power and replace nurses.

    But to blatantly post something like this that says nurses will let patients die is out of line. You have gone way to far here in your insinuation and agreement with this by posting this.

    Many of these nurses are regular staff at other hospitals or the same agency nurses who work day after day.

    This was way out of line to even post something that suggested that a nurse does not care if someone lives or dies.
  11. by   -jt
    Soooo........ youre saying your sensilbilities have been offended by a poem written by the husband of one of the RNs who have been on strike for 4 weeks in NY?

    You mean you dont appreciate reading anything that you personally find offensive or insulting? Thats funny.

    This board is full of insults and comments that some people find offensive and others apparently do not. The solution is simple:
    Dont read what you dont like.

    A poster asked me for the latest info on that strike. That poem & the link to the website was the latest. I dont think I need your permission to post here & I am not really concerned with your opinion of somebodys husbands attempt at poetry or your assumptions about anyone who reads it.

    To Grouchy:
    heres more on the NYSNA strike:

    Hospital: Strike Hasn't Hobbled Us
    St. Catherine's, nurses still in talks

    by Barbara J. Durkin,
    December 22, 2001
  12. by   LilgirlRN
    I can see both sides of this story. I can understand how the striking nurses would be upset with the strike breaking nurses, however I think the "scabs" may actually be doing them a service. It costs a lot to hire agency nurses to replace the regular and reinforces the pay issue...if the hospital is willing to fork out 1.5 to 4 times the pay of the regular staff, why not just up the regular staff's salary so they will come back to work. I know that money is not the only issue here. Money is not the key to happiness, but it sure does pay the bills, that's why the scabs are there in the first place. I have a coworker (now flexi-pool) that works strikes and makes up to 60 dollars an hour, she's using the money to build a house in Florida.
    As far as the CEO's salary goes, how much money does one person need to make? You reach a point where there is so much it doesn't really matter. If I made 1/2 a million a year would I run outta money? No, so what's the point in paying him over a million a year?
  13. by   wildtime88
    No Jt, what I am saying is that YOU posted something that says that nurses are not concerned if a patient directly under their care lives or dies.

    YOU posted this here and not someone's husband.

    YOU posted this knowing exactly what it said. Not someone else but YOU.

    So you must be in agreement with it by taking the time to post this here your self.

    Like I said, I can understand your resentment about nurses coming in and limiting your bargaining power, but this was way out of line.

    Just how low will you sink in order to push your own agenda. Will your next post be about these nurses intentially killing the patients they are directly caring for?

    Remember these are nurses. Some of these nurses work regular staff at in other parts of the country. Some of these nurses are agency nurses who actually work in the same facility when there is not a strike. Some of these nurses are also the regular staff that chose to cross the picket line.

    Maybe you should be a little less pro union and a bit more pro nursing.

    You are really giving unions a bad name here by showing what you and they will resort too by saying that other nurses would purposely allow people to die and then not care.
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