Act In Time: A Program to Save Lives During Cardiovascular Emergencies

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    Act In Time: A Program to Save Lives during Cardiovascular Emergencies
    The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) and the American Heart Association are launching a life-saving program to accelerate the treatment of heart attack because only a small number of patients get to the hospital in time to receive the latest life-saving therapies.

    The campaign called Act in Time to Heart Attack Signs was initiated by the National Emergency Number Association (9-1-1) to emphasize the importance of calling for emergency medical help.
    Act in Time primarily focuses on patients and the general public by providing educational materials including a booklet, an educational video, and new Web pages, which can be reached through the NHLBI Web site: In addition, campaign partners, the American Red Cross and the National Council on the Aging, will help increase public awareness by offering Act in Time classes through their national networks.

    AMSN the Annual Convention Planning Committee has invited Mary McDonald Hand, MSPH, RN from the Act in Time program to speak about the program and the role of nursing professionals in October. Look for more details in the convention brochure.

    For additional information on the Act in Time to Heart Attack Signs campaign, go to the following Web sites:;;; and

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    I am a CPR instructor for ARC and they are incorporating AED training into CPR.The AED's will be located in public places such as airports