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    I am going to be taking the ACLS instructor course in November. Has anyone taken this class and can you give me any advice? I know it has been very intimidating in the past. And it is very expensive. It cost me $500 dollars, which I will get %60 reimbursements if I pass! ANY Pointers????
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    The instructor class I took also assumed a knowledge of the algorithms etc. We did a lot of role playing and practice lectures. Now I am usually called for extra large classes, sometimes just the test day to work a station. It can be fun as I try to match the scenario to the unit the person works.
    Since the goal of the AHA is to be less intimidating the instructor class was that way also.

  4. by   traumaRUs
    Good luck. ACLS Instructor class focuses more on how to teach the curriculum vs rote memory. Your job as an instructor is to allow the students to learn the info.

    I work in a large level I trauma center and use ACLS almost daily. Its just a cookbook that can be altered to meet the requirements. You need a good understanding of ACLS protocols, but it really isn't too hard.
    I do have to ask...60% reimbursement? That's awful! You're doing your employer a favor by taking this class which will only enhance your ability. If you don't work in the ER/ICU, try to get the unit manager to pitch in and let them know how convenient it will be for you to be an additional instructor. Best wishes. Judi