Acknowledgment of the different levels of nursing

  1. Recently My class and I went to the ARNA and NSNA state convention in Hot Springs. The Keynote speaker was Doctorate prepared and an advocate of geriatric nursing. Her focus was susposed to be in the implementation of a program, within the next 5 years, called geriatric excellence in Nursing, focusing on nursing homes. She wants the nursing homes to become magnet status as some hospitals are. During her speech, ( I guess she was unaware that there were ASN RN's and LPN's in the crowd), she bashed the ASN RN, and LPN role in the nursing home, and praised the Med Tech role. Her statement was to the effect of ' I would like to see all nursing homes have only BSN nurses, and Med techs, because LPN's are not competent to perform basic care nor do they have any management experience.... Our patients have pressure sores because the LPN's are not turning them'.
    Needless to say my class, who are all LPN's that will graduate as RN in december, got up and walked out. We were not the only school to do this.
    My points are as follows,
    1) The nursing field is composed of many levels of education, and we all depend on each other.
    2) Med techs are dangerous, and their skills and level of education is questionable, being do they assess heart rate and BP before giving digoxin and other medications that can alter vital signs?
    3) The nursing shortage is real enough as it is, do we need to futher compromise patient safety by deleting the ASN RN and the LPN?.Not everyone has the time or money to become a BSN.
    4) In a perfect world all nurses could be BSN and above, but then in a perfect world no one would be ill.
    I have since learned that a northern state has deleted the LPN programs all together, and is replacing LPN's with Med tech's or RN's.
    Although I plan to go on to the Master Degree program, I will always be a LPN and ASN RN advocate.
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  3. by   Altra
    With the multitude of issues concerning geriatric nursing, it seems a shame that the speaker made extremely poor use of her speaking time bashing LPNs.

    Do you have a reference or link re: the "northern state" that has eliminated LPN education programs? This is the first I've heard of this.
  4. by   Nursekat64
    The Northern state is Maine
  5. by   Tweety
    Check out these threads.

    You make some excellent points. However,we moderators honestly don't encourage yet another discussion of this topic as there are many threads already in progress.
  6. by   Altra
    I did some googling ...

    Licensing info for LPNs in Maine

    LPN educational programs in Maine

    You'll want to double-check your info. Perhaps the state of Maine no longer employs LPNs at state-owned facilities or something like that ... just a guess on my part.
  7. by   Nursekat64
    Thanks for checking that out, it was brought up in class today.
    This post is part of an assignment for a Role deveolpment course I am taking. I wanted to get a feel of how different hospitals and nursing homes work as a team nursing approach, when the team isn't really a team after all....