Accelerated BSN??

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    Hello all! I'm a pre-nursing student. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on accelerated BSN programs. Are they any good? And how are they compared to 2 yr RN programs. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   lakerette01
    All i know about teh accelerated BSN at the school I went to is that it is very condensed. You have a lot of work to do, and not a lot of time to do it. They forbid you to work, you have some classes/clinicals on Saturdays. One plus to the program at my school is that they gave the first class a stipend of 10,000 dollars, so they really did not "need" to work.

    Hope that helped.

  4. by   firefly81
    i know the accelerated program at the university of oklahoma is a 14 month program that begins in june of one year and ends in august of the following year. it is VERY condensed, time consuming, and intense. you take classes during christmas break and generally don't have any time off for the 14 months you are in the program. you also have to have a previous bachelor's degree to apply to the program. hope this helps!
  5. by   Katie82
    Quote from amy_123

    Hello all! I'm a pre-nursing student. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on accelerated BSN programs.
    THis concept amazes me... We have long-acknowledged that we do not graduate from nursing school with enough clinical knowledge to hit the floor running, yet we strive to make the program even shorter. I am surprised the NLN gives accreditation to these programs. I can see if it were a RN to BSN or a graduate program, but a basic nursing program. Really tough. Might be good for someone who is already working in the medical field.
  6. by   Sponkie
    I am a product of the accelereated BSN program at the University of AZ.... what are you curious about exactly. It is tough, Im not going to lie, but i am passing (graduate in 2 weeks) and I have 2 little boys---so u can do it. There are pros & cons just like anything else. Let me know exactly what u r curious about and I will try to help.

  7. by   jessi1106
    I work with 2 newer nurses who just did an accelerated second degree BSN. Both say it was very intense. Neither were able to work (or do little other than school) during the program. Both are very smart and are doing well.

    The program is the same - just faster. You get all of the classes & clinicals.

    You still have to pass the NCLEX.

    I think it is a good alternative for someone who already has a degree and can take the time to intensely foucus on nursing for 1+ year(s).

    My younger sister starts her accelerated second-degree BSN program this month.