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  1.  Hello,I contribute it after a long time. I am hoping for the hospital service abroad. First, I want to collect materials for the hospital. Because it wants French ability to grow, I want to work in the French hospital. Is it possible? Tell me if there is the known one. I want to get employment information by not E-mail but FAX.
    I am sorry if it is the resistance which is inappropriate for this bulletin board.

    RN Kenshi Tajima

    FAX:+81 82 2856184
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  3. by   Talino
    Youkoso Ken! Banzai, you're back! Dochirahe!

    Let me get this right first...

    -You are thinking of working in a French hospital.
    -You need information about how nursing is in France.
    -You need to know what the requirements are for foreign nurses. Or, if they even hire foreign nurses.
    -And, you prefer that the information be faxed to you because this BB may find posting that info here may be inappropriate.


    I'll be happy to research it for you but I won't be able to fax it. It'll cost me . I don't think this BB would mind the posts from others to share.

  4. by   I_Love_Donuts
    You can work in French is several countries....Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Hanoii, Tahiti etc...which one would you prefer? Maybe I could help you...just tell me what exactly you want to know. I worked in France and Switzerland...
    See ya!
  5. by   gwenith
    Kenshi as long as it is not advertising it is Okay to post such information. Hope someone can help you.