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  1. hi! i'm trying to work on a good nursing resume, and so i've been looking through a lot of samples around the internet... basically it should include the qualifications summary, educational background, work experience, certifications/licensures, and other extra information... im just wondering, is it still advisable to put a little demographic data after the header (after the name, address, contact info)? such as birthdate, religion maybe? or others? or it's not necessary anymore? thanks!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    No - don't include ANY demographic data. It is not only frowned upon, just not needed anymore. I would, however, highlight some skills that might set you apart from the next applicant:

    1. Personality traits like performing well under pressure and then relate it to a specific event where you met and/or excelled in this.

    2. Past experiences where you multi-tasked successfully, such as when you coordinated several activities at the same time.

    3. If you worked while in school, say that and it taught you the ability to perservere.

    These are all traits new employers want in a new nurse. Good luck.
  4. by   Daytonite
    there are links to information on writing a nursing resume on the nursing career advice forum on allnurses. i believe some of these links are already posted there: