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Hi everyone, Today I did an assessment on a patient in an institution I am doing clinical at, let me know what you think: Male in mid 40s, presenting with Left upper quadrant abd. pain. radiating... Read More

  1. by   GeminiTwinRN
    has anyone evaluated this gentleman for a PE? we recently had a pt come in with similar symptoms and the intensivist caught a PE.

    just a suggestion. the belly pain, the acidosis, the blood sugar, etc all could point to PE.
  2. by   vampiregirl
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  3. by   turtles
    So when I went in today, patient was still in hospital undergoing tests. They have concluded that it is either pancreatitis or some sort of renal/bowel cancer! But that is all the info I could get, they are still doing tests. Thanks for all your thoughts.