1. Ugh. The one thing I cannot handle is a nosebleed. I am not talking 9 year ols who got busted in the face nosebleed. I am talking 78 year old on coumadin nosebleed. When they start spewing out those live sized chunks, that is when I start fighting back chunks of my own.
    You can poop on my shoes, you can puke in my pocket no problem. Just NO NOSEBLEEDS. I will take care of every other pt in teh ER if you will just take this one and I don't have to see it.
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  3. by   nialloh
    Had a pt whose nose just wouldn't stop bleeding. After a while we noticed that she was blowing her nose and leaving 1/2 inch clots on the tissue. She refused to stop, so the Doc had it packed. She picked it. Twice. This pt was AAOx3, but was a real pia. In the end we had to stop her Lovenox, which was bad as she was admitted with chest pain and posative troponin.
  4. by   Ruby Vee
    i once had a patient who picked his nose so much he picked right through the nasal septum. he called his nurse in to show her the tip of his finger sticking through -- she barfed.

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