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  1. I just graduated from nursing school this past summer. I immediately started working on this long term acute care floor. Its a great floor for someone new. Amazingly complex patients, great nurses and doctors. I should be so happy but there are days that I dread going in. I've had a rocky orientation with 3 different preceptors. All wonderful nurses, but with very different nursing styles. I absolutely love the patient care I can provide but we have so much paperwork, which is where I'm having a problem catching on. A huge problem. Also, since I'm with nurses that have such different nursing styles, depending on who I'm with, something I do may be right one day, and wrong the next if I'm with someone else. I spend a lot of my time checking protocols, thinking I can't go wrong there, but that doesn't always work. I'm so frustrated at times. All the confidence I had in school seems to be slipping away and I have no idea what my own nursing style is.
    My question is, is this just a normal transition from student nurse to nurse?Does everyone go through this? Most of my friends from school started working after me and aren't as far into their orientations as me, so its hard to compare what they are going through.
    I would apprecitate other nurses thoughts on this and to hear some orientation experiences. Advice would be great too!
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  3. by   Dixielee
    You are going thru an normal transition and it will get better. Senior nurses will agree that there may be many "right" ways to do the same procedure. They may each be OK but some may be preferable. You will always encounter others who think their way is the only way, but you will adapt and find your own path.

    If you are working with someone who has a different philosophy or way of doing things, ask them why their way is better than others. You can do this in a non threatening way and learn a lot. I have been a nurse 30+ years and I still learn new techniques and better ways of doing things.

    I would steer clear of those who have only their way and are unwilling to listen to options or try new things. They are the ones who will get you into trouble.

    There are many "right" ways to tape in IV site, but we all have preferences. So don't worry too much about variations in style, they may all be right.
    Some are just more right than others!

    You will get to the point where you just want to know what the final outcome needs to be, and you will get there your own way. Just be patient with yourself.
  4. by   jmgrn65
    yes it will take time to find your own way, and just try to learn from each nurses different styles, and the right way. Sounds like you are doing great. Good Luck.
  5. by   chenoaspirit
    I went through the exact same thing you are describing. Consider each piece of advice just that...advice. Then when you are on your own, you will create your own style. Just like a dressing change. I have been shown several different ways to do a wet-dry packing, such as different materials to pack with, which is better. I listened to them, but kept in the back of my mind that I will later do it the way I am more comfortable with. Hang in there, it will get better.