A Loving Pair: Patients Whom Made My Nursing Career Grow

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    We deal with so many patients throughout our careers, yet there are some that just stay with us for various reasons. Here are the stories behind two special patients who really made an impact on me as a nurse and a person.

    A Loving Pair: Patients Whom Made My Nursing Career Grow

    Having been a nurse of some type over the last 30 years. I have had many patients who have endeared my heart to further my education in nursing. I have two particular patients to whom I owe my education in life and nursing.

    The first patient was a woman who had worked hard her whole life for her family. She was sick most of her life, genuinely sick, yet she was up and at them every day working and carrying on what she needed to get done.

    Each time I would see her I wondered how she got through each day. When she would come into the hospital she always carried a bag of yarn and crotchet hooks. She would have baby blankets or coverlets made before discharge. Often she would give these to the nurses who took care of her. She was quite strong in her faith, but did not force it on anyone. You could see it in her eyes and she would often comfort the nursing staff, more often then they her.

    This dear lady taught me to grow in my faith in a higher power to get me through my shifts. She gave me remembrances of her life to keep with me when the stress of patient care was too heavy. She taught me that it was OK to pray, cry, and hold someone close when they are dying. This was her way of easing everyones pain.

    My second patient was a gentleman who had a smile and good word for anyone who was in his presence. He also was a very hard worker all of his life whose health was great until he was 82 years old. He was a widower who loved the nurses who took care of him. He always was holding their hands or giving a wink.

    He had open heart surgery at the age of 82; he really did not want to have it, but he wasn't ready to die either. I was fortunate to be able to take care of this man the last 6 years of his life. I was with him the night he coded; he later woke up and wondered who had been banging on his chest so hard, he ended up with 7 fractured ribs.

    His strength was unbelievable and he would often overdo so he could get back to work and finish what needed to be done. This man retired about 4 times before his death. He always had the smile on his face, even when it was not the best. His strength was always there for all that took care of him. He taught me not to be afraid of anything and do what is needed, provide for those who can't for themselves. He never let some one be in need.

    These two patients have made my nursing career grow through allowing me to learn to love, cry and hold a patients hand. That caring is sometime what is needed instead of medication.

    I have become a much better person and nurse in the last 30 years because of these two persons who came into my life for a short time. Because I was a nurse I was allowed to care for them. These patient's were my Parents. I was privileged to work where I could also care for them when they were sick.

    Susan, RN BSN
    Clinical Instructor
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    That's so sweet. Always remember where you came from.